Vision and Strategy

Recognizing that measurement and public reporting are powerful mechanisms to drive quality and efficiency improvement throughout the health care system, purchasers and consumers have embraced a vision of a transparent health care market, in which decision-making is supported by publicly reported comparative information. Our shared vision is that with this information, Americans will be better able to select hospitals, physicians, and treatments based on nationally standardized measures for clinical quality, consumer experience, equity, and efficiency. Public reporting and payment reform will lead to improvements in both quality and affordability. Driving this improvement will be (1) consumers using valid performance information to choose providers and treatments, (2) purchasers building performance expectations into their contracts, payments and benefit designs, and (3) providers acting on their desire to improve, supported with better information.

Our efforts and advocacy are focused on four priority areas:

  1. Encouraging development of quality measures relevant to consumers and purchasers;
  2. Promoting the endorsement of a robust set of performance measures through the National Quality Forums (NQF);
  3. Encouraging the use of NQF-endorsed measures, supplemented by other qualified measures to fill gaps in NQF measurement sets, to promote improvement; and
  4. Enhancing the availability of data to support public reporting.